Thursday, June 11, 2009

That's How I Rant

OK, I think I came a little too strong in the meeting – blame it on production incident! This is going to be a long one...

I think I got a better handle of the original idea. So I think of it in 2 ways. First is the ease of use – easy to install/run aspect from automation expert side. And the second is the bank of dedicated machines that Mo’s group will be in charge of maintaining/running a pre-defined set of tests that will get triggered automatically with pushes and also they can run them in small chunks on demand against an environment of their choosing.

I believe that it would be ridiculously impossible to maintain these dedicated boxes if we let anybody try to “test-run” their newly written tests willy-nilly. In my opinion the testers of other groups should be writing their tests/adding on to the basic extensions/actors we created locally on their machines and then check in to Perforce when they’re done. Than after verifying that these tests are working as expected and decided that they are worthy of promoting to the set of tests that get ran with the automated push.

It seemed like we were all in agreement that it would be impossible to maintain the “lab” for “everybody else”. First and foremost we cannot know what kind of requirements they will have about the environment for their tests. Most basic – how many devices/accounts do they want the test to run against? So far all our examples were based on 1 device/test. So I’d recommend that the testers can still write the tests up to their expectations and then if we see this test to pass certain standards, then we can promote it to run with the automated push.

So in this case what would the “lab” look like? I don’t think we would need to split them up based on location. We just need to verify that they have access to the environments they are going to run against. Then I guess we’d have a separate box per environment such that if needed we can run the same set of tests concurrently against all environments.

Let’s figure this out with Angi before moving on to the next sprint.

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